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Is there some kind of open source software available that manages updates to various computers on a network? for linux in general, ubuntu/debian in particular. I intend to build one such system for ubuntu where updates to some computers on a network is administered by an admin/master computer which can manage updates to these computers. If you can point me to any existing update managers that do this, or any article or journal I can refer to for implementing such kind of a system.

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+1 - interested as well, as long as it isn't some crazy Puppet piece-meal. :) – TheCleaner Jan 16 '13 at 15:02
Just FYI, looks like this project had the idea, just no approval/launch - , also it appears like I was thinking that Puppet Enterprise might work if you are willing to go that route – TheCleaner Jan 16 '13 at 15:12
Thank you @TheCleaner.. UbuntuServer is pretty much what I intend to build.. but not on a large scale.. – Vivek Sethi Jan 18 '13 at 9:14
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Spacewalk is primarily for Red Hat distros, but the FAQ lists Debian as a supported OS as well.

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This is a pretty broad space. You can use tools such as:

... to create "rules" to manage remote systems. There are provisioning systems such as:

Here is a review of 5 such systems:

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And one more tool one should at least look at :)

From the landscape home-page

"Make the most of Ubuntu with Landscape

The Landscape systems management tool helps you monitor, manage and update your entire Ubuntu infrastructure from a single interface. Part of Canonical’s Ubuntu Advantage support service, Landscape brings you intuitive systems management tools combined with world-class support. "

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