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I guess this question would be applicable for most countries but in this case, more specifically: if you do not speak Chinese how to find top tier data centers in China?

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. . . Find someone who speaks Chinese? Ideally someone with a technical background? – voretaq7 Jan 17 '13 at 3:28
YOU hire someone who can. Damn, what do you guys learn in school? go around and wait for other people to do your homework? – TomTom Jan 17 '13 at 6:04

My comment was pretty much the serious (and best I can come up with) answer to this question:

Find yourself someone who speaks the both your language and the local language fluently -- ideally that person will have a technical background so they can speak intelligently about the topics at hand and things won't get too badly mangled in the translation.

If this is not practical, consider the following:

  • Netcraft or other uptime monitoring services for sites they host
  • Who they peer with (there are a few services online that take an IP or ASN and show you the neighbors)
  • How well organized/designed their facility is
    • Proper hot/cold aisle layout. Bonus points for containment
    • Adequate (N+1 or better) cooling
    • Adequate UPS & Generator capacity
  • Special Requirements -- things you may need that aren't "typical", like:
    • POTS lines
    • Off-Site tape rotation
  • Whether there is staff on-site fluent in your language
    (It doesn't help if your site is down and you can't communicate with their staff!)
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Use a data center that has a global presence... For example, Equinix has facilities everywhere I've needed connectivity or presence.

I've had application systems co-located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, etc. Communication was never an issue.

Otherwise, many opinions and experiences available on this forum.

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If Hong Kong is "China" enough for you (and it is for most companies) there are many excellent global providers in that city - it would certainly help with narrowing your selection. – voretaq7 Jan 17 '13 at 3:40

Check with ChinaCache. They specialize on setting up an in-China presence for Western companies.

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