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When setting up php on a new Unix-based server, are there any default PHP settings that you will always change? Any that you will always consider changing based on the particular environment?

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A default installation of PHP on a UNIX server pretty much works out of the box. Much of the configuration depends on your desired usage of the server.

Here's what I do:

  • Change upload_max_filesize from the default value (2M) to something higher.
  • Install and enable the modules that I use most often:
    • php5-gd
    • php5-cli
    • php5-suhosin
    • php5-curl

But again: most of the configuration is dependent on what you use the server for, which makes it hard to provide a simple answer to this question.

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There isn't something that I always change. Actually, there's rarely anything I change, for any given installation.

If it's my own for-development-and-play-server, I probably max out the permissions to do anything, but when deploying a server for something specific, I want to have the PHP as strict as possible, without affecting the functionality of the scripts too much.

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Disabling magic quotes is one of the first things that I do. It does nothing but cause problems and introduce a false sense of security. I'm clueless to why its on by default.

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