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We have some scripts that create scheduled jobs using PowerShell as part of our application. When testing them recently, I noticed that some of them always failed immediately, and no output is ever produced (they don't even appear in the Get-Job list).

After many days of tweaking, we've managed to isolate it to any jobs that are set to run weekly. Below is a script that creates two jobs that do exactly the same thing. When we run this on our domain, and provide credentials of a domain user, then force both jobs to run in the Task Scheduler GUI (right-click -> Run), the daily one runs fine (0x0 result) and the weekly one fails (0x41306).

Note: If I don't provide the -Credential param, both jobs work fine. The jobs only fail if the task is both weekly, and running as this domain user.

I can't find information on why this is happening, nor think of any reason it would behave differently for weekly jobs. The "History£ tab in the Task Scheduler has almost no useful information, just "Task stopping due to user request" and "Task terminated", both of which have no useful info:

Task Scheduler terminated "{eabba479-f8fc-4f0e-bf5e-053dfbfe9f62}" instance of the "\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\ScheduledJobs\Test1" task. Task Scheduler stopped instance "{eabba479-f8fc-4f0e-bf5e-053dfbfe9f62}" of task "\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\ScheduledJobs\Test1" as request by user "MyDomain\SomeUser" .

What's up with this? Why do weekly tasks run differently, and how can I diganose this issue?

This is PowerShell v3 on Windows Server 2008 R2. I've been unable to reproduce this locally, but I don't have a user set up in the same way as the one in our production domain (I'm working on this, but I wanted to post this ASAP in the hope someone knows what's happening!).

Import-Module PSScheduledJob

$Action =
    "Executing job!"

$cred = Get-Credential "MyDomain\SomeUser"

# Remove previous versions (to allow re-running this script)
Get-ScheduledJob Test1 | Unregister-ScheduledJob
Get-ScheduledJob Test2 | Unregister-ScheduledJob

# Create two identical jobs, with different triggers
Register-ScheduledJob "Test1" -ScriptBlock $Action -Credential $cred -Trigger (New-JobTrigger -Weekly -At 1:25am -DaysOfWeek Sunday)
Register-ScheduledJob "Test2" -ScriptBlock $Action -Credential $cred -Trigger (New-JobTrigger -Daily -At 1:25am)
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I have just had to figure this one out myself, so here is what I found.

In the poweshell documentation I found the following:

Get-ScheduledJob gets only scheduled jobs that are created by the current user using the Register-ScheduledJob cmdlet.


The impact of this is that if you create jobs with user 'A' and then run scripts trying to access them with user 'B' an error is thrown stating it can not find the job.

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To clarify you need to determine what user created the weekly jobs and separate the scripts to execute under different user credentials for the creators of the original jobs. –  Stephan Sarver Mar 7 '13 at 0:03
I don't understand why this would cause different behaviour for Weekly tasks (a crash!) vs daily tasks (which work)? –  Danny Tuppeny Mar 7 '13 at 14:14

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