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does anyone know any TFTP server for Mac OS X? maybe there is one build-in?

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In the text of the question, shouldn't it say "TFTP"? They are different protocols. –  benc Apr 7 '10 at 1:51

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It's there, you just have to enable it:

Starting the TFTP server on Mac OS X Leopard (sudo needed) (Note this does not work with Mac OS X Lion):

  • To start the TFTP server, in the terminal window, type: /sbin/service tftp start
    • Your TFTP default folder path will be: /private/tftpboot
  • To Stop the TFTP server, type: /sbin/service tftp stop

To test you can tftp to localhost, or you could create a test file. In terminal, type:

  • echo "testing" >/private/tftpboot/testfile
  • printf "verbose\ntrace\nget testfile\n" | tftp localhost

TFP Server GUI:

If you're into GUIs, this TFTP server GUI app might work for you: http://ww2.unime.it/flr/tftpserver/

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This solution works on Mac OS X Lion.

There already is one:

sudo launchctl load -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist
sudo launchctl start com.apple.tftpd

And, assuming you don't have a typo in either your subject or problem description:

sudo launchctl load -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist
sudo launchctl start com.apple.ftpd
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why is the start com.apple.ftpd command needed? –  Hawken Apr 21 '12 at 15:51

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