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I'm installing a FlexNet license manager in a server. The server has four network interfaces and I want the license manager to server licences only in one of the interfaces eth2 (a.k.a e41f13ed30cc from its MAC) but when I start the daemon ldadmin it show all the interfaces as hostid's.

# ./lmutil hostid
lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2012 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
The FLEXnet host ID of this machine is ""e41f13ed30ca e41f13ed30cb e41f13ed30cc e41f13ed30cd""
Only use ONE from the list of hostids.

And, the log of one of the licenses served, show how it confuse eth0 with eth2:

13:36:49 (vtech) Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file:
13:36:49 (vtech)    licenses/simics/ConsolidatedLicenseFile.lic
13:36:49 (vtech) SERVER line says e41f13ed30cc, hostid is e41f13ed30ca
13:36:49 (vtech) Invalid hostid on SERVER line

How to specify that the ldadmin daemon only listen only in one interface?

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The problem was on the license, It doesn't need to use the hostid of the wanted ethernet, only the first one in order to work with the vendor daemons.

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