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We have a Linux (Debian Squeeze) server in production, currently running apps on a LAMP stack.

I now need to bring over an existing RoR app from a different server onto this new server and get it running. I've seen Ror installation scripts on GIT that include an Apache server so more geared towards installation on a clean box.

What's the installation path for Ruby 1.9/Rails 3 on a Debian Squeeze server currently running Apache2?

Is there a recommended installation tutorial someplace?

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There isn't a recommended tutorial.

Since the system-provided ruby for Squeeze is a Ruby1.8, your Ruby 1.9 install will not be able to use system-ruby. You'll have to install 1.9 some other way, probably via rvm. At this point you're out of the land of "RoR on DebSqueeze" and into the land of "RoR on Apache on Linux", which is a much better documented problem.

To get RoR running you'll need:

  • An RVM install somewhere
  • The 'passenger' gem installed
  • The 'rails' gem installed
  • Apache configured to load the file from the gem
  • Apache configured to launch

So stop looking for deb-specific scripts/installers, and start looking for more generic ones. They're out there.

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you can install phusion-passenger and use Apache2 as web server using mod-proxy, ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse, it's very easy the setup in a VirtualHost

only type this lines into VirtualHost:

ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /

With this you will have configured your Apache server

also enables the mods for proxy into Apache Server

Good Day.

Juan Trejo

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