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I used to use CheckPoint's VPN client on my Mac OS X (Leopard), but recently I upgraded to Snow Leopard, my VPN client stop working right after that, so I downloaded IPSecuritas and after some time I was able to VPN in. The problem is I get disconnected and since I work through ssh, it's gets very annoying. any ideas where can I look?

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I don't think snow leopard has been released yet, and is still under NDA/beta. Not sure how much help you'll get here on this.

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Snow Leopard is due for release in September sometime. – Chealion Jul 28 '09 at 22:34
I've been running preview build for a while and I think it's pretty stable, I haven't had any problems at all, and it's more IPSecuritas and CheckPoint question rather then Mac OS X – alexus Jul 28 '09 at 22:41
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after very long time playing around i was able to solve this issue

first of all in "Options" i had uncheck MODE_CFG and the other thing I did was under "General" local side endpoint suppose to be select as a host and that field should be empty, after that it works perfectly for me, no disconnections at all

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Have you tried Cisco VPN Client (port for OS X)? May work! :D

Download here:

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i haven't tried with snow leopard but i know for a fact it won't work with checkpoint, i used to use it with cisco on leopard it worked great – alexus Jul 28 '09 at 23:13
Bummer, have you tried configuring your client as "site" vpn (IPSec)? I think Checkpoint uses some proprietary "user-vpn" crap. May be worth looking at VPNC - , not sure if it would be any help at all, but worth a try. – xbnevan Jul 29 '09 at 16:09

Agreed - configuring IPSecuritas is non-trivial and you need to know specifics about your network settings and configuration. Any advice on a likely route forward?

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By changing two binary files of Checkpoints VPN Client it works on Snow Leopard.

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Harald Haentsch completely solved this problem by making a very easy to use tutorial on how to "fix" SecureClient to run in OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard:

I just followed the existing installation steps (I used Hex Fiend instead of 0xED, but any HEX editor should work fine) and it was working in 5 minutes on my Snow Leopard upgrade from OSX 10.5.7.

If you're a techy type and want to know more about the "upgrade existing installation" option ... apparently the only reason SecureClient doesn't work in Snow Leopard is because Checkpoint hard coded "kextload -s" instead of "kextload -d" in the startup files for the SecureClient program. Snow Leopard doesn't support "-s", but it supports "-d" so all you have to do is copy 2 files from the SecureClient program to a temporary directory, modify the 2 files and copy them back.

Super easy, guaranteed. It looks like fixing the installation file is also very easy and possibly not necessary in some "new install" situations.



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