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I've a dedicated debian 5.0 server, which runs the "stable" tree.

Now I want to install [testing] ruby 1.8.7 - but my system isnt configured for installing testing packages via apt-get.

How can I do that? I only want ruby to be testing - all other packages should be upgraded with the "stable" tree.

Can you help me?

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The mechanics are exactly the same despite that having been written for etch using packages from lenny. As a further suggestion, always use the name of the distribution rather than 'stable' as to avoid being bitten by an unplanned upgrade around release time. Feel free to use 'testing' though.

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Michael Greenly has a nice description of how to do it on Ubuntu. My guess is that it will not need much tweaking to work on Debian.

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You should definitly check out Ruby Enterprise Edition. It is often faster and needs less memory than the variant of your distribution. It is also very easy to install.

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FYI: REE (and Ruby 1.8) is deprecated as of 2012 – Roland Jun 1 '15 at 13:09

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