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Situation: Windows Server 2003 - Users all have a mapped network drive to a common "Shared Files" file share...

  • File Share
    • Level 1 ("Projects" folder)
      • Level 2 (Files in the project folder)

Users have been accidentally moving Level 1 folders into other Level 2 folders. What's the magic combination of permissions to achieve the following:

  • Users should be able to CREATE folders at Level 1.
  • Users should have full control (create/modify/delete) at Level 2.
  • Users should not be able to RENAME, DELETE, or MOVE folders at Level 1.

Edit: The trick here is that after a user creates a folder at level 2, they should automatically have full control at that level; any way to use "this level only' at Level 1 and achieve this?

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Share and NTFS permissions – Terry May 5 '09 at 14:25
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To be able to create level one files, users need to have the Create permission for the file share folder. To prevent them from modifying level 1 folders, they need to be denied the modify permission on the file share folder. User should then be given full control of the level 1 folder to allow them to create, edit and delete level 2 folders.

Hope that makes sense!

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