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Security Resources

Is there anywhere you go for security information or bullietins?

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I'm sure people will come up with a plethora of great news sites, so I'll recommend mailing lists. There's the (totally unmoderated) Full Disclosure mailing list that's a great resource if you really want unfiltered news about exploits/vulnerabilities and such (warning: there are also a lot of BS postings). The DailyDave mailing list is moderated and has a lot of the same sort of thing. I think NTBugTraq is still around too.

Hope some of that is useful.

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I use SANS for much of my security news. They cover most platforms with a weekly @Risk email I like to scan for new exploits and vulnerabilities.

There are also sights more specific for the platforms your are running. Like eEye who have a webcast which covers the monthly (second Tuesday of the month) Microsoft patch releases.

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SANS is sometimes of use http://isc.sans.org/

As are CERT's mailing lists: www.us-cert.gov/cas/signup.html

I guess it depends what it is you're interested in, security is a big topic

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Depends on the balance of news you want, but http://www.theregister.co.uk provides a good range of technical news, incuding significant security news.

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