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avahi-daemon continues to bind to eth0 ports 5353 and 53791. Is there any way to tell avahi-daemon to only bind to localhost and not eth0 ?



netstat -nap

udp   0   0*   3145/avahi-daemon:
udp   0   0*   3145/avahi-daemon:
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What are you trying to do? (Restricting it to localhost strikes me as you want to disable it completely?) Have you had a look at the output of avahi-daemon --debug? – sr_ Jan 20 '13 at 12:02

Avahi-daemon implements Zeroconf network configuration protocol. It is useless unless it operates on network interface. You can select on which network interface you want it to run using "allow-interfaces" and "deny-interfaces" directives, but if you do not want to run in on any real network interface (as you seem), then you should not be running it at all, so simply shut it down (for example by putting "exit 0" in /etc/default/avahi-daemon) or even better remove the package completely if you do not plan to using it in the future.

It does not make any sense to run it only at "lo" interface.

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