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I found one SAR template for DISK IO Stats. I have copied sarparse_cpuparse.php, sarparse_iostat.php,sarparse.p1 to ../scripts/ and imported sar template.xml file.when we are creating new host in cacti. but we are getting below error

Running data query [10].
+ Found type = '4' [Script Query].
+ Found data query XML file at '/ebsvol/cacti/resource/script_queries/host_disk_stats.xml'
+ XML file parsed ok.
+ <arg_num_indexes> missing in XML file, 'Index Count Changed' emulated by counting arg_index entries
+ Executing script for list of indexes '/usr/bin/php -q /ebsvol/cacti/scripts/sarparse_iostat.php index' Index Count: 0
+ Executing script query '/usr/bin/php -q /ebsvol/cacti/scripts/sarparse_iostat.php query index'
+ Executing script query '/usr/bin/php -q /ebsvol/cacti/scripts/sarparse_iostat.php query name'

please find the attachment error. enter image description here

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