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I have a basic CentOS server running Apache that I use for website development and testing.

Whenever I make changes to a file, like a 'javascript' file, and then reload my webpage, usually the server takes about 15+ seconds to load the page, even though it should load immediately (it's on a very small local network).

Looking at Chrome dev tools, I can see that it's the recently changed file that takes the longest to load. While the page is loading, it's stuck at pending, and eventually loads after a long time. Everything else loads immediately as it should. But for some reason that javascript file I just changed takes 15 or more seconds. Sometimes up to 25+ seconds. It's a small javascript file in this case. Maybe 2kb in size. No reason for it to take a while. It's something to do with the fact that it was just changed.

I'm not sure where to look to solve this problem. I have restarted Apache and even restarted the entire server, but the same results occur.

Also, the problem doesn't occur EVERY time I change the file. Only about 1 out of ever 3 times.

What should I be looking at on the server to determine why this file takes so long to load in a remove client web browser?

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Are you running pagespeed on apache2? I get a similar problem when this has been enabled, it can take a while to update the cached copy.

Try running this command on your CentOS server.

sudo a2dismod pagespeed

Answer based on previous experience with the same type of problem.

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