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I've installed the Intel x520-sr2 Ethernet/Fibre card into a server that has Oracle Linux 6.2 Installed on it. When I boot the server I can go into a QLogic menu (screen has something for Intel on copyrights so I believe this is the correct card but combined with QLogic Technology). In the menu the two ports show up and I can see their MAC addresses.

Using Oracle Linux 6.2 (Basically Redhat 6.2), I need to setup multipath over a fibre network. I'm using a Dell Fibre Switch and can see the connections are plugged in and active from its GUI. I need to find the WWN or IQN number for my storage device to setup the Initiator to grant access. Not sure where to find that info on Oracle Linux?

Can I use SANsurfer or something like that to see the LUNs and connections?

After seeing the connections do I just install the multipath modules and it will find the paths, or is there more to do?

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Have you read RedHat's Multipath manual?… If you go step by step there you'll be able to setup a proper, resilient multipath system. – Mxx Jan 24 '13 at 17:31

Installing multipathd, and running multipath -v ; multipath -ll; should be sufficient to see what multipath devices you have. You can then add these to the /etc/multipathd.conf file to give them persistent names where needed.

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I mostly use iscsi these days, but from what I can remember from my FC-days... powerpath, or sansurfer should give you your Lun information. – Sig-IO Jan 24 '13 at 16:48

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