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Until recently, my internet connection on my Ubuntu machine was working fine. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I'm finding severe latency problems. For instance, in my web browser, I'll attempt to navigate to (or some other website) and after some time, I'm finally brought to the page. To help in diagnosing, I started to time curls to specific websites using something like

    prompt> time curl


    prompt> time curl

In each case, the time command says curl takes roughly 16 seconds. This is true of every domain I hit. What could be the problem and which logs can I view to help figure this bad boy out!?


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This is absolutely NOT how you test latency. You're relying on a remote site (possibly not even the same site every time - look at the DNS results for and a potentially varying amount of data being downloaded each time. If you want to debug this do it properly: Continuous ping to check for jitter/packet loss, large downloads from specific, known-stable hosts, to check bandwidth, etc. This SO question has some additional tips. – voretaq7 Jan 23 '13 at 23:22

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