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I have a large tcpdump file which I need to parse to identify the number of flows in the capture based on the ( source ip + source port , destination ip + destination port ) pairs. Does tcpdump / any other tool provide any means to obtain such data directly? / Any tips on how to optimize my parser to perform this operation? Any help / leads are very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Try something like this:

tcpdump -r capturefile.dmp | awk '{ print $3 " " $5 "\n" }' | sort | uniq | wc -l

Assuming your tcpdump generates the same output as mine, the awk command will print the source IP+port and the destination IP+port (followed by a colon, which is irrelevant in this case), like so:


Since an established connection will use the same portnumbers again you collapse these repeated lines with sort | uniq; wc -l counts the lines. You will have to divide this number by 2 since IP is bidirectional and it reverses source/destination when sending packets back.

You may want to filter out unwanted packets for UDP and ICMP and whatnot with tcpdump filters, and other stuff with a grep before sort.

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