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How can I see the access logs of a Plesk server on Windows. I have 3 domains that have malware and I want to see if this was an FTP or control panel password exploit.

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For the FTP log file location, assuming you are using Windows 2003, see diagram A. FTP Log File Location. This was obtained by going to Start menu / All Programs, Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, and then navigating further with the mouse as per the diagram.A. FTP Log File Location

For the Panel log file location, see diagram B. Plesk 9.5 Panel Log File Location. enter image description here

You might be going about this in the wrong way. Your starting point should be your anti-virus log file. Most exploits will be picked up with a good anti-virus. This log file will be easier to interpret as it will have some dates and block notifications. It will also highlight which exploit is running allowing you to see research about the exploit and how it spreads. What does your anti-virus log file say?

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