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We have some code that connects to a website to call a web service. When I run the code on our server under my account (local admin) the code runs fine. When I run the code under a different user the code fails and complains that it can not connect.

The certificate to connect to the web service is stored under Computer in the certificate store. When I browse the store as admin I see it and when I browse as the non admin account I can not see computer area.

Is there a way to install a certificate for all users on the system?

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While logged on as an administrator:

  • open MMC -> Certificates -> Machine.
  • Right-click on the certificate > All Tasks > Manage Private Keys
  • Add the Authenticated Users security principal with the required permissions.

enter image description here

More information:

The certificate has a corresponding file located at:


If you need to deploy this to multiple computers, you would need to determine which file corresponded to your certificate. Refer to the following for more information:

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