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Is it possible to set up an SMB share on a Dell Equallogic 4100, or is it solely iSCSI? I can't find anything but iSCSI.

I would like to access the data over SMB (\\myequallogic) shares as opposed to an iSCSI drive

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You have enough rep here to know we're not Google -- If you have a question about features on Dell hardware your first call should be To Dell, not Server Fault. Also it would be important to tell us what model Equallogic device you're talking about. Some are iSCSI only, some are iSCSI and CIFS... – voretaq7 Jan 24 '13 at 18:20
PS4100. I have used Google. I cannot find an answer. That's why I asked here. Sorry. – johnny Jan 24 '13 at 18:23
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As far as I'm aware the PSxxxx series EqualLogic SANs are just SANs (iSCSI providers). Dell's technical specs seem to agree.

EqualLogic FS Series systems support CIFS/SMB and other protocols in addition to iSCSI.

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Dell Equallogic PS4xxx series do not provide SMB share functionality. It is purely an iSCSI SAN Appliance. You will need a back end server to provide such a share. Something like openfiler is a good open source storage server

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