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From where will I get the mysqldump file from /usr/bin of percona mysql server (32 bit centos 5)? Is it available on the web without installing the software?

In other words I am collecting all mysqldump utilities built by percona for various flavors of Linux if they are really different than each other. I am starting with 32 bit centOS and I do already have 64 bit centos.

Is there an Image from Amazon web services with percona mysql already installed?

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It isn't that hard to install percona. Just read the following

It is really just installing the yum repo and running a few commands.. Yes there are some instances. Don't be lazy and search for them. Here's a few in us-east-1

 ami-61c16908 - centos 6 32bit
 ami-da778eb3 - centos 5.5 32bit
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