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Consider the following Nginx configuration file (Nginx version 1.2.6 on 64-bit Linux):

location / {
    root html/www.domain.com;
location /image/ {
    root html/static.domain.com;

Using this configuration, the following requests work as expected:


is picked up from the directory html/www.domain.com

/secure/profile.html is picked up from the directory html/www.domain.com

/image/logo.jpeg is picked up from the directory html/static.domain.com

However, the following requests result in errors (understandably):



What should be the correct Nginx configuration to ignore URL parts such as ;affiliate=msn and ~partner=msnbc?

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Something like this

    location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/index.html =404;
    location ~ "(.*)[;~].*" {
        try_files $1 $1/index.html =404;
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Although we had solved the problem before your answer, I really appreciate your taking out the time to answer the question. I am accepting your answer as it is indeed a valid solution to the problem we were facing. The only thing would be to escape the semi-colon as [\;\~]. Without escaping it our Nginx installation would find the configuration file invalid. –  manish.in.java Jan 27 '13 at 12:28

Have changed the configuration as follows to get the desired behaviour.

location /image/ {
    rewrite ^(/image/.*)[\;\,\~].*$ $1 break;
    root    html/static.domain.com;

Please note that semi-colon has to be escaped (\;) since it is a statement delimiter in Nginx configuration files.

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