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I'm using freeFTPd as a sftp server on windows machine. From my linux machine(ubuntu) I want to do a SFTP from to windows and i want to bypass entering password as i'm trying to do this with scripts. freeFTPd has an option to generate a key. I saw a lot of articles of key generation and but most of them are for linux to linux . Can some one please help me on how to do this?

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ssh keys are the same kind of object on unix and windows - there are two types of keys: rsa, dsa. Generally speaking rsa will work on either ssh 1 or ssh 2, so consider the key type of rsa if you are asked.

Generate the key, on linux with ssh-keygen:

There will be two files created: public key, private key. Make sure protections are 755 on (example home directory) /home/m4n07, and 600 on /home/m4n07/.ssh after you have your key made.

The public key .ssh/ has to be placed on the Windows box. As a binary copy. Read the freeFTPd doc to find out where you place the file on your windows box, and what you name it. Example: We have a non-standard sftp windows implementation that uses the registry for ssh keys.

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