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I have a small network with two computers (Windows XP), a Mac (OS X 10.6), a printer (Konica Minolta C250) and a server (Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 x64).

Lately, after configuring a shared folder for scanning on the Mac, the Mac started to get really slow on startup, shutdown and sometimes in between too. In order for it to start/shutdown I had to take the network cable and plug it back in.

I ran Wireshark on the server to monitor the Mac requests and noticed a DNS request for the server's FQN by the Mac.

This was the output (IPv6 is deactivated in the Mac and in the Server):

"22857 1086.302117000 DNS 84 Standard query 0x3530 AAAA servidor.soengenho.local

22858 1086.302243000 DNS 131 Standard query response 0x3530"

The normal output to another computer is, for example (coming from a Windows XP machine):

"20138 948.242215000 DNS 84 Standard query 0xe413 A SERVIDOR.soengenho.local

20138 948.242215000 DNS 84 Standard query 0xe413 A SERVIDOR.soengenho.local"

If I do a nslookup, it answers correctly pointing at the server IP:


Server: servidor.soengenho.local


Name: servidor.soengenho.local


May this be the true problem causing the Mac startup/shutdown slowness? Or am I just wasting time with something unrelated?

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In years past, Macs had problems with queries to DNS namespaces using .local because they wanted to use .local for the bonjour service. It's been a while since I had to fight that monster. EDIT: – JasonAzze Jan 25 '13 at 11:54
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The obvious difference between the first and the second query is that the first one is asking for an AAAA record - the IPv6 address for the name servidor.soengenho.local. It likely is getting NXDOMAIN in return (although the response code is not part of the sniplet you've provided).

May this be the true problem causing the Mac startup/shutdown slowness?

My experience with Mac/AD integration is limited, but in the Windows world, DNS problems are a sure recipe for slow startup and logon times or logon errors at the clients. This Apple KB article (TS4041) indicates that you might be hitting a known problem, so you should re-enable IPv6 on both, your server and your Macs and add AAAA and the accompanying PTR records for servidor.soengenho.local to your AD DNS server's zones.

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Thank you very much, activating IPv6 on both ends and creating the reverse lookup IPv6 zone, I was able to suppress the multiple DNS queries and get a correct answer pointing to the server. The startup and shutdown delays are gone now :) – André dias Jan 28 '13 at 16:44
@Andrédias glad to hear that. – the-wabbit Jan 29 '13 at 11:18

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