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Ok, I have yet to find a definitive answer for this. I have an exchange server, and am trying to find a good fallover solution. If the power goes out what is the best way for me to hold my email until the server comes back onine?

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If the power outage is short, you don't need to do anything. Other mail servers will simply retry again later. If you need to survive days-long outages, then you can use a third-party MX host to buffer your incoming email.

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Use a backup e-mail service.

Your MX records have a priority, if your primary MX server is unreachable, senders will try to deliver on the next one. Simply add a backup service with a low priority MX record, they will keep your e-mail for you till your own server is back online.

It's possible to do this with a second exchange server if you want to do everything yourself.

Google for "Backup e-mail service", you'll find lots of them. One example is Dyn e-mail backup.

Wikipedia has a lot of information on MX records and priority.

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