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I have a server running with Ubuntu 12.10 and several Clients running Windows 7. I use Samba as domain controller. Everything works fine except the shared folder. I made a shared folder and configured it like this:

   comment = shared folder
   path = /srv/samba/shared
   browsable =yes
   guest ok = yes
   writeable = yes
   create mask = 2770
   directory mask = 2770

i also tried adding following options:

acl check permissions = no
valid users = @sambashare
force group = sambashare

the permissions for the shared folder are

drwxrws--- 2 nobody sambashare

Several users are primary in the Group sambashare.

The problem is, i can't access the shared folder with any user in the sambashare group using Windows 7. The error message replies, that i don't have the permission.

If i change the rights of the shared folder to 777, like

sudo chmod 777 shared

everything works. But the shared folder should only be accessable for the users of the group sambashare.

Samba seem to ignore the permissions of a group or samba seem to treat the user as other, because if i change the permission of shared to 775, i can create new files in that folder but can't rename oder delete them even though the created file belongs to the user who created it. So i think samba treats the user as other, but why?

I googled a lot but found nothing.

Any ideas?

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Did you manage to solve your problem? – Massimiliano Torromeo Nov 6 '13 at 16:44

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