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I've just installed Centos 6.3 and I'm having trouble with my eth0 connection.

After I installed Centos 6.3 there was no ifcfg-eth0 file, so I made one.

inside my eth0 file I have:


When I run the cmd

# service network start

it brings up the loopback interface and the eth0 interface. When I enter ifup eth0 it says 'file exists'.

I can't ping to this box and it has no ethernet connection. What am I doing wrong here?

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Did you try manually setting up the IP address with ifconfig? Assuming the device is eth0 - #ifconfig eth0 netmask up – Daniel t. Jan 28 '13 at 2:20
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Try running the system-config-network utilty to get your ifcfg-eth0 file in the right format and define the gateway, DNS resolvers, etc.

You can run the service network restart command following that.

After that, the normal troubleshooting options apply... See if you can ping your gateway from the host. Same for the DNS servers.

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