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We are currently using Office 365 for education in one of our forest which contains a AD, master of the domain (, a AD "sub-domain" (, another AD ( and a DirSyn which works perfectly.

My point here is about the limitation of 50.000 objects that can be supported by O365. I understand that is for the entire forest, no problem with that.

But I've been asked: "Is it also concern the deleted objects ?". I mean here: if i create then delete a user in my O365 account, do I have 50.000 accounts left or 49.999 ?

I've not found an explicit answer in documentation, and even if my question could seem stupid, I prefer asking than giving a uncertain answer.

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You need to contact the Office 365 support team. – Michael Hampton Jan 28 '13 at 7:46

I posted my question in

And here is the answer I had back from Jesper Stähle, thanks to him:


The limitation is about AD-objects. Short answer to the question you have been asked is:


The limitation is not regarding users in the tenant (enabled or disabled), it regards objects in the on-prem Active Directory (Groups, Contacts, users combined). To be able to syncrhonize deletions, deleted user accounts in AD also Counts.

If you are close to 50K in local AD - I suggest you raise a support ticket stating that you might have more than 50000 AD objects that will be synchronized so that Online Services team can prepare your tenant for this. Also, you should make sure that DirSync is deployed with a full SQL installation for the configuration:

Also, if you have not already runned the Deployment Readiness Tool, I suggest you do so and analyze the outcome from that:

Best regards,

Jesper Ståhle"

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