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Neo4j says I can install Neo4j via Maven by adding it to my build:


But do I need a build? If so, what should my pom.xml look like?

I tried with this:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

But then I end up with:

[ERROR] Unable to locate the Javac Compiler in:
[ERROR] /opt/local/java/sun6/../lib/tools.jar

I have installed sun-jdk6-6.0.26 and set JAVA_HOME to /opt/local/java/sun6.

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I solved as follows:

  1. Go to directory: /opt/local/java
  2. Execute "sudo ln -s sun6/lib/"
  3. To verify execute "sudo ls -ld lib"

Now your Maven command will run without problem. Good luck!

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The env var $JAVA_HOME should point to the directory containing bin, so that $JAVA_HOME/bin contains javac. (You probably worked-around a mis-configured env var that might cause other problems later -- e.g., not finding other parts of the JDK)

Verify that everything is set up correctly by running: type javac (and type java) , javac -version (and java -version). If the wrong version is found, check the path & java_home (always: PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH)

If using eclipse (a common misconfiguration issue), you'll have to configure your jdk via the preferences -> installed jre's (or possibly project->java build path->libraries->JRE System Library->edit->"workspace default JRE")

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