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I am trying to plan a migration from SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012. I am unable to find if I can migrate the Forefront from SCCM 2007 in SCCM 2012, or if I will have to uninstall all agents and install new 2012 agents.

If anybody has any information / experiences I would appreciate it.

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The main difference is Endpoint Protection 20102 is integrated into Configuration Manager 2012—it's no longer a separate piece. When you deploy Endpoint Protection 2012 from Configuration Manager, it will remove existing AV solutions, including previous versions of Forefront. See here:

About Client Settings in Configuration Manager

I would assume you would need to recreate the Endpoint Protection Managed settings but am not sure (we used McAfee previously).

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Bryan, I believe you are correct, for more supporting evidence I finally stumbled across this link:… Which basically says that if you update your SCCM agent to 2012, You cannot use FEP from 2007. – colo_joe Jan 28 '13 at 19:20

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