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We have just setup a new build Windows 2008 R2 server for our Jenkins CI system. Our issue appears to be related to file permissions being different depending on whether a process is a service, or a console process.

When logged in as UserX, we can successfully do a directory listing of dir /b c:\Windows\System32\q*.exe (actual command), and it returns 6 files. However, running the same command through a service, we only get 5. Same user account. Same computer.

The bigger issue is that, because the file doesn't appear in a directory listing, it can't be executed.

There doesn't appear to be any differences in the permissions between the files that do appear, and the one that doesn't.

Any ideas?

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We figured this problem out, so I'm posting the solution for others.

The problem was that the Jenkins slave process (the service) was running as a 32-bit process. Windows, being helpful, was automatically redirecting access to c:\Windows\System32 to c:\Windows\SysWOW64.

The executables we were looking for should have been in SysWOW64 anyway, so we copied them across, and the problem has been solved.

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