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I want to install one GUI application without user intercation. The installation will ask some inputs from the installer while installing. So I want to automate it completely.

The OS which I am using is : WinXP and Win7 Can any one please help me out on this.

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Almost all software can be installed silently. If it's an MSI file, then it has be be able to be installed silently, per the spec (though some vendors do dumb things that make this not actually work).

If you're working with an MSI file, just do msiexec /i <path to the file> /qb! if you want no user interaction, but you want a progress bar to show. If you want it completely silent, replace /qb! with /q.

If you're working with software that isn't installed from an MSI, then you need to read the manual for it. It will tell you if a silent installation is possible.

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