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I'm facing a problem with the infamous NTLM authentication implemented on RHEL5.3 server using Samba (winbind).

The problem is that we have a requirement to disable the authentication in a sense to 'let everybody in' regardless if they exist in the AD. That itself is also relatively simple but we also need to capture the user's user ID from the NTLM traffic (so it can be passed to the java application hosted on Tomcat).

Therefore I need to be able to treat everybody as 'authenticated' and to be able to know who these users are.

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you got me lost... Where do you need the authentication on samba shares or tomcat apps? Don't let anybody on where? – fboaventura Jan 29 '13 at 20:39
Sorry for the confusion; I need to set up winbind (part of samba suite -> nothing to do with shares) to use NTLM (so it captures userID) but to allow everybody in (regardless on the response from the AD). We have a java application hosted on tomcat that relies on receiving the user information from the mod_jk module (communication layer between apache & tomcat). – TomasH Jan 29 '13 at 23:14

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