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[I'm replicating a question I put on Stack Overflow a while ago and received no answer - figuring that it's more up Server Fault's alley (SF didn't exist yet when I first posted this)]

IIS 7 has a very useful feature called Failed Request Tracing (FREB for short). It has a very nice visualization feature, involving an extremely complex XSL stylsheet that parses the results into a useful treeview.

I, however, want to consume FREB programatically, and be able to present the results on my smart client (without waiting for the XML to be written server-side).

The only possible solution I found so far, involves compiling an IIS7 C++ plugin that converts FREB into OutputDebugStrings, an approach even the writer suggets should not be used on a production server (here's the article)

My question is: is there another approach?

As always, my thanks for reading, and even more for replying. Guy

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Have you see this article on consuming ETW events? I believe you could change the GUID in the sample to the Trace Provider GUID ({0x528dbd54,0x1b68,0x4f58,{0xa8,0xc0,0xb3,0x92,0xdf,0x6d,0xf0,0xc9}}). Another article worth looking at is this one on hooking into the trace via c++ (different than the article you linked).

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Thanks for the pointer - completely forgot about the ETW roots of FREB. Will give it a try. – Traveling Tech Guy Jul 29 '09 at 19:49

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