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I am attempting to duplicate a live oscommerce site onto a local virtual machine. I am running ubuntu 12.10 server (through virtualbox).

Can someone point me towards any article, or provide me some advice on how I could achieve the following:

  1. Setup exim to deliver all outgoing mail locally from php. So any outgoing mail, for example, sent to actual email addresses like "mycustomer@gmail.com" will not be delivered to gmail, instead it will be stopped from leaving the server and be stored (either in an outbox or inbox) on the local server.
  2. Perhaps have dovecot setup to save all outgoing mail in a mail box, and then serve this mail to any clients that want to connect and download via imap
  3. Allow me to connect from say thunderbird in my main ubuntu desktop pc (the host of virtual box) and download/read the email.

The use case for this is so that I can monitor all outgoing communication that the system is sending and then confirm that the emails are going out correctly.



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