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  1. I have Tomcat 6 , running on a Linux server.

  2. The tomcat is hosting a service.

  3. I am sending 800 concurrent requests to this hosted-service, via , two other Linux servers (which are behaving like clients. Each of these client is sending 400 requests).

  4. Out of the 800 requests send, around 660 requests are being received by the hosted-service.

  5. The remaining requests are somehow not able to access the hosted-service.

  6. I could also see Connection related exceptions on the client.

  7. I figured the following, upon analyzing, the tcp dump from all the 3 servers :

    1. For all the missing requests (i.e, the request, which didn't make it to the hosted-service), the client had sent a TCP SYNC msg to the server

    2. The server never responded back with a TCP ACK msg.

    3. As a result, after some time , the client code throws a Connection related exception.

  8. Is this something to do with the OS/Tomcat container ?

Thanks for any pointers

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It sounds like you might be over loading the end point server, what does the endpoint loading look like? Might not be cpu or memory bound, but a connection limit. – Steve Jan 31 '13 at 12:00
Are you worried simply because the handshakes don't complete? Or because the clients don't retry automatically after some time? Or because you would expect the server to send RST packets? – Hagen von Eitzen Jan 31 '13 at 12:46

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