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Do you know how to backup and/or clone a lxc container ? I'm under Debian 6, and there is no lxc-clone, lxc-backup commands !?

Lxc administration seems pretty tough...

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This depends on whether you're using LVM as your storage base for your containers or not. lxc-clone and lxc-backup are not native commands to the LXC package I have, but seem to be available in the Ubuntu version. What version of the package are you using?

[root@Lancaster ~]# lxc-
lxc-attach       lxc-console      lxc-freeze       lxc-monitor      lxc-setcap       lxc-unfreeze
lxc-cgroup       lxc-create       lxc-info         lxc-netstat      lxc-setuid       lxc-unshare
lxc-checkconfig  lxc-destroy      lxc-kill         lxc-ps           lxc-start        lxc-version
lxc-checkpoint   lxc-execute      lxc-ls           lxc-restart      lxc-stop         lxc-wait
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lxc version: 0.7.2 and no lvm –  Stef Jan 31 '13 at 13:24

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