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We have two DL360 G5s that suddenly lost iLO connectivity. They are at a remote site, so I cannot do any physical troubleshooting (yet). Is there any way I can remotely troubleshoot the iLO? Currently they cannot be accessed in a web browser, and cannot be pinged.

If I do eventually get physical access, what should I do (besides reconnecting/replacing the cable)?

OS: Linux

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Do you have access to the operating systems running on the servers? – ewwhite Feb 1 '13 at 22:12
Yes we are running Linux on them – EGr Feb 1 '13 at 22:27
If you do not have connectivity to your host OS, have you check the switch ports? – xeon Feb 1 '13 at 22:29
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If you have access to the operating systems running on the servers (you did not indicate which), you can program the ILO using the hponcfg utility.

The things you can do here are listed in the command's help, with the "-r" flag actually resetting the ILO to default. I would try something less sever first, like "-w" which writes the ILO's configuration to a file. Maybe your device obtained a DHCP address or lost some settings.

hponcfg  -?
hponcfg  -h
hponcfg  -m minFw
hponcfg  -r [-m minFw ]
hponcfg  [-a] -w filename [-m minFw]
hponcfg  -g [-m minFw]
hponcfg  -f filename [-l filename] [-s namevaluepair] [-v] [-m minFw]
hponcfg  -i [-l filename] [-s namevaluepair] [-v] [-m minFw]

-h,  --help           Display this message
-?                    Display this message
-r,  --reset          Reset the RILOE II/iLO to factory default
-f,  --file           Get/Set RILOE II/iLO configuration from "filename" 
-i,  --input          Get/Set RILOE II/iLO configuration from the XML input 
                      received through the standard input stream.
-w,  --writeconfig    Write the RILOE II/iLO configuration to "filename"
-a,  --all            Capture complete iLO configuration to the file.
                      This should be used along with '-w' option
-l,  --log            Log replies to "filename"
-v,  --xmlverbose     Display all the responses from RILOE II/iLO
-s,  --substitute     Substitute variables present in input config file
                      with values specified in "namevaluepairs"
-g,  --get_hostinfo   Get the Host information
-m,  --minfwlevel     Minimum firmware level

See: HP ILO 3 gives XML syntax errors with hponcfg utility or Access HP Lights-Out from remote server

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Thanks, I'm taking a look at the xml now – EGr Feb 1 '13 at 22:27
Okay, looks like we might have to regen the xml files. I'll take care of this Monday and let you know how it goes. – EGr Feb 1 '13 at 23:25
Thanks. This should solve your issue, though. You can also modify the XML output and import it back in to overwrite the ILO's config. – ewwhite Feb 1 '13 at 23:26

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