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This is my forward zone file:

[root@m6 named]# cat
$TTL 1D 86400
@ IN SOA (
0 ; serial
1D ; refresh
1H ; retry
1W ; expire
3H ) ; minimum
m6 IN A

Is the error due to:

<<< @ IN SOA (

Here is the hostname.

So line:


should mean is the name server but it was not. That must have been error?

Also there are errors when the named was restarted:

[root@m6 named]# service named restart
Stopping named: [ OK ]
Starting named:
Error in named configuration:
dns_master_load: extra input text
zone loading from master file failed: extra input text
zone not loaded due to errors.
_default/ extra input text
zone loaded serial 0
zone localhost.localdomain/IN: loaded serial 0
zone localhost/IN: loaded serial 0
zone loaded serial 0
zone loaded serial 0
zone loaded serial 0
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I think these lines:

<<< @ IN SOA (

Should be like this:


Take a look at this sample domain master file.


$TTL    86400 ; 24 hours could have been written as 24h or 1d
@  1D  IN    SOA (
                  2002022401 ; serial
                  3H ; refresh
                  15 ; retry
                  1w ; expire
                  3h ; minimum
       IN  NS ; in the domain
       IN  NS ; external to domain
       IN  MX  10 ; external mail provider
; server host definitions
ns1    IN  A  ;name server definition     
www    IN  A  ;web server definition
ftp    IN  CNAME  ;ftp server definition
; non server domain hosts
bill   IN  A
fred   IN  A 

Also it looks like a typo on the first line:

I think it should just be $TTL 1D, not $TTL 1D 86400. That's what the error is complaining about, line #1:

dns_master_load: extra input text
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did as above..still no luck – Maseny Feb 3 '13 at 15:18
See my updates. – slm Feb 3 '13 at 15:31

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