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I currently redirect crontab script output to file in some folder that exists, like this:

echo "test" > `date "+/tmp/%Y%m%d_%H%M.log"`

I want to redirect output to subfolders, that maybe don't exists yet (.../year/month/..., so subfolders should be created:

echo "test" > `date "+/tmp/%Y/%m/%d_%H%M.log"`

How can I accomplish this?

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Simply create the directory. The -p flag to mkdir achieves two things:

  • Create the entire path
  • Don't complain if the diretorry already exists


mkdir -p  $(date "+/tmp/%Y/%m/") && echo "test" > $(date "+/tmp/%Y/%m/%d_%H%M.log")

Next time ask questions like this on unix.stackexchange please, it's a bit offtopic here.

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I like one-liner with && + $(...) is nicer than `...`. Subquestion, If you know: canIi use multilines in crontab, like 5 * * * * command && \ (newline) command2 && \ (newline) command3? p.s. I will use unix.SO nexttime. – glavić Feb 3 '13 at 16:08
If you want that, just wrap your commands in a small script and call the script from cron. – Dennis Kaarsemaker Feb 3 '13 at 16:09

You need to create the folder(s) using mkdir -p command like:

mkdir -p `date "+/tmp/%Y/%m/"`

Then, you can execute your echo command safely.

echo "test" > `date "+/tmp/%Y/%m/%d_%H%M.log"`
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