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I Need to deploy a backend solution for a mass messaging iPhone app. Based on coverage previous apps we have deployed it is safe to assume we will get over 1 million signups in the first week and that could grow rapidly.

I am interested in deploying a load balanced cluster solution on AWS that can grow and shrink on demand, that is reliable as well as time and cost effective.

I've already done a lot of research but dont want to steer this feed towards any specific solution, and explore as many as possible.

At the moment an XMPP solution like OpenFire with a clustering sounds like a good start. But I have never tried any of these systems or know how they would behave with +1M users.

I am very open to explore many solutions with the aim of getting started on the right track.

Thank you~

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I would look into ejabberd, which provides several clustering features that should make it rather easy to scale the way you want. It's been used for deployments much larger than 1MM users (see: Facebook Chat).

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Thanks, after doing a lot of research this seems to be the best option based on: How well it clusters, and how efficient it is with resources. – Andres Canella Feb 12 '13 at 21:29

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