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If you run Task Manager (or Process Explorer) and minimise it, it puts an icon in the icon tray which shows current processor usage as a little bar graph.

I would like to find a similar tool which will show me current disk activity in a similar way.
Even better... a tool which shows me a graph of recent disk activity.
Even better than that ... showing it by application.

I'm mainly going to use this on Windows XP, but a tool which works for Vista would be useful too.

I know that some of the Sysinternals tools almost show me this, but none of them is quite there.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

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You can view the IO usage in the system tray using Process Explorer by enabling "Options->I/O History Tray Icon".

Hover over the icon, and it will tell you which app is using the most IO right now.

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nice. I had to go and get the latest version, which is fab. top tip! –  AJ. May 6 '09 at 8:54

Vista has this capability in Reliability and Performance monitor. Open it and expand the Disk section and you'll see disk stats per process.

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Perfmon's Physical Disk and Logical Disk counters work great.

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