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Is there a way to monitor disk health and send cronjob reports for errors?

I know you can use smartctl -s on -a /dev/hda to pull information but just wondering if there is a way that could be used to filter and only send if something needs attention.

Is SmartMon something I want to look into?

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You can write a script that wraps smartctl and only generates output when something needs attention... – voretaq7 Feb 4 '13 at 19:41
related post -… – Daniel t. Feb 4 '13 at 19:49
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You can set up smartd to run as a daemon and email you when a disk error occurs. Add -m to the relevant line of the smartd configuration file (e.g. /etc/smartd.conf or /etc/default/smartmontools). This is the line that usually begins with DEVICESCAN.

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You can run smartd as a service by enabling it in the smartd config file, /etc/smartd.conf for RHEL for instance. There is an option for sending an alert message when something goes wrong.

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