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Has anyone worked on integrating pnp4nagios with icinga-web?

My icinga-web version is 1.8.1

After installing icinga-web-pnp, I am having following files:

  • pnp-host-extension.xml
  • pnp-service-extension.xml

At this location:


I am not seeing perfdata as column by default in console?

Am I missing something?

process_perf_data is also set to 1 in host object definition.

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This problem is resolved now. – user2030417 Feb 6 '13 at 15:12

After having found the expander icon, you can also rightclick on the graph icons and move them back to the grid - look here for some discussion on that feature with screenshots:

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Depending on the version of icinga-web you use in version 1.8 the icon linking to the pnp4nagios web section is hidden in between the lines so you need to click the icon:

"click to expand"

This will bring up the pnp4nagios extra buttons.

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