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I have a directory with a bunch of folders and I want to create a text file for each folder containing this string: Visit How can I do this with windows cmd?

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This is actually fairly simple to do given a short string like that:

for /d %M in (E:\somdir\*) do echo "yourstring" > E:\somdir\%M\stringfile.txt

The /d flag tells for to do 'directories in the path

%M stands in for the directories being iterated over.

(e:\somdir*) is the path to be iterated over.

Everything after the do is the command it executes, using %M for each item iterated over.

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Afaik, simple cmd does not provide the same power as bash or power shell. The most easiest way working on severall platforms is by using a macro-like language, looping through the directories and put the textfile. I suggest to use AutoIT -

Its VERY WELL documentaded and has much effort with just a few lines of code. Check the following helps:

It should not take more then 10 lines of code to do what you want.

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