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…pseudo terminal file name associated to a terminal emulator window? I accidentally found it, just typed something like


but forgot that variable, I googled it, looked in man pages, in ~/bash_history, but there are only commands of the first opened terminal and they're very old (~half a day) though.

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you can use the tty command:

$ tty
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To get the current tty you can use the tty command

[sr@panther ~]$ echo "Your current TTY is $(tty)"
Your current TTY is /dev/pts/5

Or you can set it to a variable manually if you want

echo $MYTTY
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If you want to find an environment variable with some special value you can do:

env | grep "the value you look for"
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I’ve tried grepping env. Nothing there contained such a value. – tijagi Feb 5 '13 at 19:47

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