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Is it somehow possible to assign permisions to non-admin user to monitor and move cluster group? Is there any workaround for this? I'm interested in Windows server 2008 r2 and 2012.

I'm avare there is read-only access for monitoring from Windows Server 2008.

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Are you using System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager? If so, you should be able to setup the Self Service Portal to enable this. – Harold Wong Feb 6 '13 at 20:10
Thanks. But this also gives full admin permissions on Cluster? I need to restrict user to only one resource group. – malibeg Feb 7 '13 at 8:52
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You could write 2 scripts: one to view information about the specific resource group and one to move the group. Then delegate rights to non-admin users to execute those scripts against the cluster(s) using System Frontier. The user won't have to have any rights on the server. Full disclosure... I own the company that makes System Frontier.

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