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Is there any way how I can clean up postgres WAL files ON MASTER SERVER - SLAVE is OK, but master has wal keep segment set to 2000 and this is causing disk space usage to grow. I'm looking for a way how to clean up that disk space on MASTER without breaking anything. I know that setting keep segments to 2000 is madness but that was not set by me.

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Address the underlying cause and the problem will go away (your underlying problem being someone who didn't know what they were doing and didn't read the Postgres manual set wal_keep_segments to an insane value):

  1. Reduce wal_keep_segments to a sane value.
    (10 is usually sane. 100 is not unreasonable).
  2. Restart the Postgres server.
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I was in a similar situation. After reducing wal_keep_segments and restarting postgres, the old logs weren't going away. I ended up using the following commands to delete all old logs:


last_wal_file=$(pg_controldata $pg_datadir | grep "Latest checkpoint's REDO WAL file" | awk '{print $NF}')

find $pg_datadir/pg_xlog -maxdepth 1 -type f \
  \! -name $last_wal_file \
  \! -newer $pg_datadir/pg_xlog/$last_wal_file \
  -exec rm {} \;

This will delete any logs older than the last checkpoint (what postgres is actively using).
This will probably delete a lot more than what wal_keep_segments is set to, so make sure the files have been picked up by replicas, archives, etc. Or just use the command as a starting point to determine what is safe to delete, and come up with your own strategy.

You should also run it without the -exec rm {} \; to make sure it's not going to do anything incredibly stupid.

(Solution based off info from

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