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I'm currently connected to a VPN, but the machine I'm on is not connected to the Windows domain that the rest of the network is on.

On that network is a Windows 2008R2 server that I am an admin on. Files on that server can be accessed through Explorer by going \\server.fqdn\share.

There is a share on that server called git (can you tell where I'm going yet?). Through Explorer I can go \\server.fqdn\git\website.git and see the contents of that folder.

However, I would like to access a git repo in that folder. I know that I can add a remote as //server.fqdn/git/website.git but I keep getting an error saying I do not have permission.

I used to get past this error by opening up Windows Explorer, going to \\server.fqdn\git and entering my username and password, however this doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Any thoughts?

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Rather than connecting using just my username and password, I used domain\username and password (despite being told not to include the domain).

Works fine now.

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What is the git command you used? – Sajeev Jul 25 '14 at 9:55

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