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I have about 30 PST files which I need to import into mailboxes in Exchange 2010.

They are all named by the first part of the email address. For example with, that PST would be johnsmith.pst. would be administrator.pst etc.

How can I use PowerShell to import these PST files into the relevant mailboxes? They have already been created on the server.

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I can certainly appreciate doing this in a programmatic way based on that criteria, however for only 30 accounts another option may be to create a mapping file that had two columns, the name of the file and the account it should be imported to. – Greg Askew Feb 8 '13 at 0:34

I'd start by reviewing the techniques mentioned here:

Once you're familiar enough with the techniques, draft a PowerShell script and post it here, we'd be glad to pick it apart and help you understand the process.

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